50 years of SIGRAFLEX® -
Unrivalled Sealing

With SIGRAFLEX you know what you get.
Safety. Quality. Reliability.

The SIGRAFLEX story begins in 1972 with the inauguration of our first flexible graphite foil line in Meitingen, Germany, and the SIGRAFLEX brand registration. Since then, our brand and products have conquered the world wherever safety, quality and reliability of the sealing materials are required.

From then to now, our SIGRAFLEX flexible graphite materials, SIGRAFLEX carbon and graphite yarns and, most importantly, our SIGRAFLEX people, make the difference by delivering the ultimate solutions for sealing and high temperature applications.

When buying SIGRAFLEX, our customers and the end users know what they get.

Opening ceremony of the first SIGRAFLEX production plant in Meitingen, Germany, 1972

Join us on our journey through the last five decades and read about the SIGRAFLEX history.

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Milestones in the 50 years of SIGRAFLEX

From the start, SIGRAFLEX established itself as the quality leader in the market of flexible graphite products. With our two production sites located in Meitingen, Germany and Valencia/CA, USA we ensure supply safety for our customers all around the world. Our SIGRAFLEX people always strive to provide products meeting the highest standards of long-term stability, quality, and safety and are pleased to share their technology expertise.

Over the course of the last 50 years, many new and innovative SIGRAFLEX products have set benchmarks for high-end graphite sealing solutions – from SIGRAFLEX UNIVERSAL to SIGRAFLEX HOCHDRUCK, followed by SIGRAFLEX MF® and SIGRAFLEX APX2® up to the TA-Luft compliant PRO variants and our SIGRAFLEX APX2 yarn.

Then and still today, SIGRAFLEX stands for Unrivalled Sealing.

  • The early days: Development of a new unique graphite material

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  • Official opening of first SIGRAFLEX® production plant
  • Registration of SIGRAFLEX® brand
  • New sealing material for difficult operating conditions

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  • SIGRAFLEX® portfolio grows and gains in relevance
  • First large-scale foil order comes from Japan

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  • SIGRAFLEX® NORMAL: First graphite gasket sheet with metal reinforcement

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  • Polycarbon Inc. becomes part of SIGRI

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  • SIGRAFLEX® STANDARD: First anti-stick graphite gasket sheet
  • Foundation of the Valencia site
  • SIGRAFLEX® UNIVERSAL: Reinforced gasket sheet with anti-stick coating
  • Commissioning new 1,000 mm (39.4”) wide plant in Meitingen, Germany

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  • Start of production of 60“ (1,524 mm) wide foil line in Valencia, USA
  • SIGRAFLEX® HOCHDRUCK: Graphite gasket sheet meets highest demands for sealabilty and mechanics
  • "Northridge" earthquake stops production in Valencia, USA, only for a short time:
    operations resume after only one month of downtime
  • Commissioning of 1,500 mm (59.1“) wide foil line in Meitingen, Germany
  • Granting of SIGRAFLEX® HOCHDRUCK patent
  • SIGRAFLEX® MF®: Gasket sheet for minimum leakage, best anti-stick behavior and safety
  • SIGRAFLEX® APX2® foil: Best-in-class temperature and oxidation resistance
  • Inauguration of 2nd production line in Meitingen, Germany
  • Great SIGRAFLEX team effort enables restart of production in foil manufacturing facility in Meitingen, Germany, just three months after a fire
  • SIGRAFLEX® APX2® HOCHDRUCK: Gasket sheet for high temperature applications
  • SIGRAFLEX® APX2® yarn: Maximum protection from oxidation
  • SIGRAFLEX®: High purity – best protection from flange corrosion
  • Coming soon: newest SIGRAFLEX® product innovation


Commissioning of a new 1,000 mm (39.4”) wide calender roll line in Meitingen

The mid-1980s saw a sharp increase in demand for flexible graphite foil - driven mainly by the sealing industry. The material's environmental friendliness and being harmless to health also played a vital role. At that time, gaskets containing asbestos fibers were often used for applications at higher temperatures and against aggressive. Therefore, the sealing industry was looking for non-carcinogenic materials with comparable properties to replace asbestos. Flexible graphite was seen as the ideal solution being fiber free, temperature and corrosion resistant and non-carcinogenic.

SIGRI was already seen as the market leader for graphite foil in Europe. In Meitingen, the plant’s capacity had already been increased several times and was producing a maximum of 160 metric tons per year, with the calender roll line being the limiting factor.

SIGRI was already seen as the market leader for graphite foil in Europe. In Meitingen, the plant’s capacity had already been increased several times and was producing a maximum of 160 metric tons per year, with the calender roll line being the limiting factor.

The calender rolls compact the expanded graphite flakes without the addition of binders or fillers and roll them into foils or sheets. At that time, the foil line allowed a maximum foil and sheet width of 500 mm (19.7”).

From around 1984, this capacity was no longer sufficient as the market demand was much greater. Therefore, in early 1985 the SIGRI management approved the construction of a new calender roll line in Meitingen. By November 1986 it was already in operation.

The new roll line offered significant advantages: It was not only twice as fast, but also twice as wide: Foil and sheets with a width of 1,000 mm (39.4”) could be produced. In addition, the line was equipped with the latest technology of the time. It operated almost fully automatically and was electronically controlled and monitored. This helped to further improve the already excellent quality of SIGRAFLEX.

With its commissioning, SIGRI was therefore ideally prepared to serve the fast-growing market and, at the same time, to consolidate and even further expand its own strong position as market leader.


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