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Our contribution to a smarter world

The world is changing and so are our markets. We have faced up to this change in the last years. With our strategic realignment and focus on key technology topics that will define the future – mobility, energy, digitization – a new era is beginning for our company. We want to make this change visible both internally and externally. Our new corporate design conveys our corporate strategy, our competencies, our innovative power while at the same time emphasizing our aspiration.

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Key facts

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Trendsetting solutions

Our high-quality materials and products made from specialty graphite and composites are used in industrial sectors that determine the future: automotive, aerospace, solar and wind energy, semiconductor and LEDs as well as in the production of lithium-ion batteries and other energy storage systems. In addition, we develop solutions for chemical and industrial applications.


Create momentum

As SGL Carbon, we think ahead to anticipate future developments. In our features, we take up the key topics of the future and illustrate our contribution and that of our customers to a smarter world.

Runs Like Clockwork

Where skis were once handcrafted, SGL Carbon now works in cooperation with its customers to produce extremely lightweight components made of fiber-reinforced plastics for the automotive industry. At the Austrian facilities in Ried and Ort im Innkreis, everything is fast, efficient— and increasingly mass produced.



St. Marys illuminates the world

Semiconductors are one of the most significant technologies for the future. Increasingly powerful, they form the basis for LEDs and computer chips. With a multi-million dollar investment in its US facility in St. Marys, SGL Carbon further strengthens its position to support its customers in the industry with optimal solutions.

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(R)evolution on the streets

The long period of evolutionary development in the automotive industry is rapidly being replaced by disruptive innovations. New competitors are expanding the range of possibilities and increasing the speed of innovation. Lightweight construction with composites, as well as graphite-based solutions for alternative drivetrain systems, are playing a central role.

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Bright prospects

The technique of 3D printing offers a variety of possibilities, particularly for prototypes and small batch production. Its use in the manufacture of components based on carbon and graphite is also developing rapidly. Three benefits, highlighted below, provide insight into why 3D printing is a very useful complementary technology.

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Future giants

Energy storage is one of the key topics of the future – whether for mobile communication devices, electric vehicles or supplying homes. An ongoing research project in Pfinztal, Germany, where researchers are installing what is currently Germany’s largest battery, is demonstrating how batteries can also be used for very large amounts of electricity.

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thinc - second issue of our new company magazine

Curiosity, open-mindedness, respect: real partnerships grow from these ingredients. The new SGL Carbon is advancing just these sorts of partnerships. The results are sophisticated, smart solutions. In this issue of the magazine, we are taking you along to some of the pioneers of this new approach.


Annual Report

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