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SGL Carbon has 29 sites worldwide: 17 in Europe, eight in North America, and four in Asia. We also have a service network in more than 80 countries as well as additional sales offices. This enables us to be close to our customers and to their markets and challenges.


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SGL Carbon GmbH
Drachenburgstraße 1
53179 Bonn

e-mail: gs-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +49 228 841-0

Bonn is the largest site of the Business Unit Graphite Solutions and employs around 800 people and over 30 apprentices. In Bonn, SGL Carbon produces a wide range of customized solutions made of specialty graphite for various growth markets. The main products are applications for production facilities in the semiconductor, solar and LED industries, as well as pump components and bearing for traditional as well as electric vehicles. The flagship of the site is the world's unique isostatic press.



Dr. Schnabel GmbH
Offheimer Weg 21
65549 Limburg

e-mail: pt-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +49 6431 9106-0

fax: +49 64319106-999

Around 50 employees of our Business Unit Process Technology work under the company name Dr. Schnabel GmbH in Limburg an der Lahn in Hesse, Germany. The company, which has been part of the SGL Carbon since 2007, is specialized in the production of paste-extruded PTFE linings of the POLYFLURON brand. The material, which is enormously resistant to chemicals and heat, is indispensable for the chemical, pharmaceutical and energy industries, as well as many other applications. The Limburg experts' know-how in this field has a long tradition: back in the 1950s, the company was the first in Europe to manufacture PTFE linings.



SGL Carbon GmbH
SGL Technologies GmbH
Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes GmbH

Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 18
86405 Meitingen

e-mail: info@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +49 8271 83-0

fax: +49 8271 83-2127

Meitingen is SGL Carbon's largest site worldwide. The Business Units Carbon Fibers and Composite Solutions have production facilities for friction materials and carbon fiber-reinforced plastics as well as application-oriented development facilities on site. The Business Units Graphite Solutions and Process Technology also manufacture a great variety of products her ranging from felts and foils for the semiconductor and automotive industries, through equipment engineering for the chemical industry, to new development areas such as the battery application laboratory or the component production for fuel cells. Added to this is the joint venture with Brembo, which manufactures high-performance brake discs made of carbon ceramics. In total, there are just around 900 employees working at the site for SGL Carbon and another 500 colleagues in the joint venture. The site celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2022.



SGL Composites Materials Germany GmbH
Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 18
92442 Wackersdorf

e-mail: cf-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +49 9431 7983-100

Our Wackersdorf site in Germany employs around 160 people and is part of the Business Unit Carbon Fibers. This is where carbon fibers are knitted into non-crimp fabrics and nonwoven complexes and over 150 product variants are manufactured: From a carbon and glass fiber-based wide variety of non-crimp fabric types, such as monolayer or nonwoven, to stacks with the help of diverse technologies. In addition, two recycling machines can also produce recycled non-crimp fabrics/NCF/preform. The products from Wackersdorf are mainly used in the automotive sector and can be used here in passenger compartments, doors, rear wings, glass springs and many more.



SGL CARBON SE (Head Office)
Söhnleinstraße 8
65201 Wiesbaden

e-mail: info@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +49 611 6029-0

fax: +49 6116029-305

Since 2012, SGL Carbon's Head Office has been located in the Rheingau Palais in Wiesbaden-Schierstein. The Board of Management, corporate functions and representatives of the business units are all working in a shared campus-like building complex, which also serves as a platform for increased collaboration within SGL Carbon. Around 90 employees work in Wiesbaden.



SGL epo GmbH
Siemensring 24
47877 Willich

e-mail: cf-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +49 2154 9238-0

With around 90 employees, SGL produces so-called prepregs in Willich, Germany, and thus belongs to the Business Unit Carbon Fibers. The development and production of such pre-impregnated products across all processing stages is concentrated here. The products are used in the wind energy, as well as in automotive, medical technology or aerospace. We supply the full range of textile reinforcement materials made from carbon, glass and aramid fibers and impregnated with high-quality resin systems. Our portfolio includes prepregs made from woven fabrics, nonwovens, as well as TowPregs and adhesive films.



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SGL Carbon S.A.S.
131, Place Aristide Berges
74190 Chedde

e-mail: gs-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +33 450 4747-04

fax: +33 4507803-89

At our site in Chedde in the French Alps, where SGL Carbon has been based since 1993, our workforce of just over 150 employees specializes in the production of high-quality synthetic graphite, which is used in many high-tech sectors. We supply these product solutions of Business Unit Graphite Solutions primarily to key industries such as the semiconductor and LED sectors, the photovoltaic industry, battery construction or the nuclear sector. 



18, Avenue Marcel Cachin
38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères

e-mail: pt-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +33 476 25-9600

fax: +33 47624 6277

At our Grenoble site, situated in the French region of Rhône-Alpes, around 80 employees work as part of the Business Unit Process Technology. They design and produce high-quality and robust graphite heat exchangers and pumps as well as other process equipment such as quenchers, columns and ejectors. Block heat exchangers and pumps, which are designed completely on-site, are their specialty. The location has been part of the SGL Carbon since 1996. 


United Kingdom

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SGL Carbon Fibers Ltd.
Unit 1 Caldene Business Park, Burnley Road
Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire, HX7 5QJ
United Kingdom

e-mail: cf-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +44 142 288-3903

fax: +44 142288-4278

Located in West Yorkshire, England, the Halifax site belongs to the Business Unit Carbon Fibers. There are two main product lines produced at the site. The legacy product is Panox based. Rolls of duplex fabric produced at the site are cut into segments before being further processed by our customers . They are layered, needled, carbonized, graphitized then machined into brake discs for both the aerospace and automotive markets. The other product produced are a range of woven, non-woven & knitted filters for the concrete market. Around 30 employees work here.

Muir of Ord


SGL Carbon Fibers Ltd.
Great North Road
IV6 7UA Muir of Ord
United Kingdom

e-mail: cf-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +44 146 327-4100

SGL Carbon's site in the Highlands of Scotland is the only U.K. producer of carbon fibers and oxidized fibers and belongs to the Business Unit Carbon Fibers. In addition to continuous carbon fiber tow for structural elements in wind turbine blades, automotive and industrial applications, the site also produces crimped as well as electrically conductive chopped and milled fiber variants. The oxidized fibers are used in flame proof and insulating fabrics. More than 250 people are employed at the site.


SGL Carbon Fibers Ltd 2022/2023 Gender Pay Gap Report



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Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes S.p.A.
Via Europa 2
24040 Stezzano

e-mail: info.brakes@remove-this.sglcarbon.de

phone: +39 035 605-2915

fax: +39 035605-930

In a joint venture with Brembo, high-performance brake discs made of carbon ceramics are produced at the Stezzano site in Italy.

SGL Graphite Verdello S.r.l.
Stabilimento di Verdello Viale Friuli 2/L
24049 Verdello

e-mail: gs-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +39 0354 18-7811

fax: +39 035871-696

In Verdello, Italy, around 20 employees focus on the machining of graphite components for electronic and industrial applications in a very flexible working environment. The team belonging to the Business Unit Graphite Solutions works very closely with Bonn and Nowy Sącz. Similar to Sinking Spring, the site can offer very short delivery times due to its manageable size and agility. 



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Ort im Innkreis


SGL Composites GmbH
Nr. 230
4974 Ort im Innkreis

e-mail: cs-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +43 775 150263-0



One of our sites of the Business Unit Composite Solutions is located in Ort im Innkreis in Austria. With around 130 employees, fiber composite components for the automotive industry are produced here in large series. Apart from structural vehicle components, the focus is on leaf springs and battery case components made of fiber composites. In 2021, a photovoltaic system was installed on the roof of the plant so that the site now produces its own green electricity.

Ried im Innkreis


SGL Composites GmbH
Fischerstraße 8
4910 Ried im Innkreis

e-mail: cs-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +43 775 282500-0

fax: +43 775282500-3969

At our second Austrian site in Ried im Innkreis, which also belongs to the Business Unit Composite Solutions, fiber composite components are manufactured in low to medium volume as well as highly complex parts for a wide range of industries. Small series solutions are mainly produced for use in the automotive sector. The site employs around 100 people.



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Nowy Sącz


SGL Graphite Solutions Polska sp. z o.o.
ul. Wegierska 188
33-300 Nowy Sącz

e-mail: gs-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +48 18 44 97 900

At our Polish SGL site in Nowy Sącz, around 170 employees produce a wide range of special components for the Business Unit Graphite Solutions for use in industrial applications and in the automotive industry. Closely cooperating with Racibórz, Nowy Sącz also has extensive expertise in the production of graphite anode material for lithium-ion batteries. To further strengthen its future viability, the site has also established an own training center for skilled workers in the field of materials processing.


According to local requirements polish legal entity SGL Graphite Solutions sp. z o. o. publishes its tax strategy for the year 2022.



SGL Graphite Solutions Polska sp. z o.o.
ul. Piastowska 29
47-400 Racibórz

e-mail: gs-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +48 32 45 95 900

The Polish site of Racibórz has a long tradition in graphite productionand is part of the Business Unit Graphite Solutions. As one of SGL Carbon's oldest plants, its history dates back to the local Siemens Plania plants. The focus of the site and its nearly 40 employees is on the graphitization of graphite anode material for lithium-ion batteries. The site works very closely in a production network with Nowy Sącz. 



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SGL Composites S.A.
Parque Industrial da Quimiparque
2836-908 Lavradio

e-mail: cf-europe@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +351 21 206-6000

At our site in Lavradio, Portugal, with a view to Lisbon, we produce our own precursor, the starting product for the carbon fiber. The precursor will then be further processed at our other sites. With a continuous production 24 hours a day, 360 days a year, the site is an important pillar for the Business Unit Carbon Fibers. In addition, acrylic fibers for the textile market are also produced here. Around 300 employees work at the site.


Funded projects:
- Projeto de Investimento para a Descarbonização da Atividade Industrial e Promoção dos níveis de Eficiência Energética: Project File & Project Card



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SGL Gelter S.A.
San Dalmacio 33
28021 Madrid

e-mail: sales@remove-this.sglgelter.es

phone: +34 917 23-1000

fax: +34 91505-2006

Our site in Madrid is known as SGL Gelter S.A., a JV located in Spain, and belongs to the Business Unit Graphite Solutions. Around 40 employees produce carbon brushes for wind power, automotive, traction, industrial and mining. In addition, the colleagues also machine regional graphite-based products for mechanical and industrial applications.​



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SGL CARBON Far East Ltd.
SGL CARBON Graphite Technic Co. Ltd.
SGL Process Technology PTE. LTD.

151 Huan Cheng Dong Lu Shanghai Fengpu Industrial Development Zone
201-401 Shanghai

e-mail: gs-asia@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +86 21 6097-6888

fax: +86 21 52110115

The fast-growing SGL site in Shanghai is our headquarters in Asia. From Shanghai, our approximately 280 employees serve major customers in China and throughout Asia. In addition to processing graphite components for customers of the Business Unit Graphite Solutions in the sector of electronic applications, also components for customers of the Business Unit Process Technology from the chemical industry in Asia are produced in Shanghai.



SGL Quanhai High-Tech Materials (Shanxi) Co. Ltd.
Xincun, Zhangzhuang Town, Pingding County
45210 Yangquan

e-mail: gs-asia@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +86 353 6029-581

fax: +86 353 6026-718

Our Yangquan facility, located in the Shanxi province, middle north China belongs to the Business Unit Graphite Solutions. Around 140 employees mainly produce isostatic graphite and hard felts covering the entire value chain for components of electronic, solar, semiconductor applications in Asia.  The competence focus is clearly on high-temperature processes. The site works closely with our SGL facilities in Bonn, Meitingen and Shanghai. 



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MRC SGL Precursor Co. Ltd.
Otake Production Center 20-1 Miyukicho
739-0606 Otake

e-mail: cf-asia@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +81 6748-7503


Our joint venture with Mitsubishi Rayon Co. for the production of precursor is located in Otake, Japan. The site is part of the Business Unit Carbon Fibers.



9-5-24 Akasaka, Minato-Ku
107-0052 Tokyo

e-mail: gs-asia@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +81 3-3479-9134

fax: +81 3-3479-9135

A total of 20 employees work in our Tokyo office, which belongs to the Business Unit Graphite Solutions. From here, the products of all four SGL business units are distributed in the Tokyo area, for chip and oven manufacturers as well as for the markets mobility, energy, industrial applications and the chemical industry. The office building is located in the middle of Tokyo with a view of the Nogi Temple with Sakura (cherry tree).



SGL CARBON Technic Japan Ltd.
1226-1 Ogasawara, Minami-Alps
400-0306 Yamanashi

e-mail: pt-asia@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +81 55 284-6013

fax: +81 55 284-3154

At our site in Yamanashi, which is located about 160 km from Tokyo, we have around 30 employees. In Yamanashi, heat exchangers are manufactured for the Business Unit Process Technology, and PTFE components are sold. The products are used in the chemical industry with a focus on corrosive applications.


United States of America (USA)

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201 Technology Drive
AR 71932 Arkadelphia
United States of America (USA)

e-mail: cs-americas@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +1 870 230-1139

fax: +1 870230-1140

Arkadelphia is located in the US state of Arkansas. The site is part of the Business Unit Composite Solutions. Here, a variety of carbon and glass fiber reinforced products are produced for a wide range of industrial applications in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as in the energy sector. The site employs around 20 people.



SGL CARBON LLC (Head Office)
SGL Technologies LLC

10715 David Taylor Drive, Suite 460
NC 28262 Charlotte
United States of America (USA)

e-mail: info@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +1 704 593-5100

Charlotte is the headquarters of SGL Carbon's North American subsidiary. Nearly 50 employees coordinate SGL Carbon's business in the USA from here. All key administrative functions are represented at the site.



307 Jamestown Road
NC 28655 Morganton
United States of America (USA)

e-mail: gs-americas@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +1 828 437-3221

fax: +1 828432-5885

The SGL Carbon facility in Morganton belongs to the Business Unit Graphite Solutions and employs around 90 local employees. At the site we manufacture extruded graphite for a range of applications from aluminum production to alternative energy concepts such as the hydrogen industry. In addition, the site also produced porous graphite which is a key element for the equipment required to produce silicon carbide crystals – the basis for innovative microchips for steering electric vehicles, charging stations, 5G networks, and mobile production controls. 

Moses Lake


SGL Carbon Fibers America LLC
8781 Randolph Road NE
WA 98837 Moses Lake
United States of America (USA)

e-mail: cf-americas@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +1 509 762-4600

Moses Lake, located in the US state of Washington, belongs to the Business Unit Carbon Fibers. This site became a volume production facility in 2011 and is a fully electric and automated process, the Polyacrylonitrile precursor from Lavradio, Portugal are converted into Carbon Fiber. The site houses various operational lines under 33,000 m² of production space and employs roughly 180 people. 

Sinking Spring


796 Fritztown Road
PA 19608 Sinking Spring
United States of America (USA)

e-mail: gs-americas@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +1 610 670-4040

fax: +1 610 670 4044

At our site in Sinking Spring in the US state of Pennsylvania, the focus is on the very flexible machining of graphite components for industrial applications. The approximately 30 employees of the Business Unit Graphite Solutions there work closely with the site in St. Marys. Due to the manageable size and the agile team, we can offer customers particularly short delivery times from Sinking Spring, for example.

St. Marys


900 Theresia Street
PA 15857 St. Marys
United States of America (USA)

e-mail: gs-americas@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +1 814 781-2600

fax: +1 814 781-2380

The SGL site in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, is our largest graphite component processing site worldwide and employs around 240 people. It is characterized by its broad product portfolio and expertise in machined, purified and CVD coated parts used especialy in the fast growing LED and semiconductor industries. The site is part of the Business Unit Graphite Solutions.



SGL Carbon Technic LLC
21945 Drake Road
OH 44149 Strongsville
United States of America (USA)

e-mail: pt-americas@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +1 440 572-3600

fax: +1 440 572-9570

Our site in Strongsville, Ohio, is part of the Business Unit Process Technology. It is our only production site for Process Technology in the Americas. Around 30 employees work at the site.



SGL Technic LLC
28176 No. Avenue Stanford
CA 91355 Valencia
United States of America (USA)

e-mail: sigraflex-americas@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

phone: +1 661 257-0500

fax: +1 661257-7742

At our US site in Valencia, California, the focus is on expanded, flexible graphite solutions and fiber materials for sealing applications as well as carbon fabric used as an ablative material. With this, the 70 employees of the business unit Graphite Solutions serve a variety of industries, including the chemical and automotive sectors, the aerospace industry, traditional mechanical engineering and new applications for fuel cells and energy storage systems.


Our sales offices


SGL Carbon Korea Ltd.
#189, Cheonggyesan-ro, Seocho-gu
06802 Seoul/Korea, Republic of
Phone: +82 2 511-3058
E-Mail: Yj.Lee@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

SGL Carbon Asia-Pacific SDN BHD
Unit 704, Level 7, Uptown 1, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 12 3320424
E-Mail: k.w.lee@remove-this.sglcarbon.com

SGL Graphite Solutions Taiwan Ltd.
11th floor, No.287, Sec.3 Nan-Jing East Road, Song-Shan
Taipei 105405
Phone: +886-2-25467938
E-Mail: Edward.gau@remove-this.sglcarbon.com


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