Our Business Unit Composite Solutions

In high-tech applications requiring high strength and stiffness combined with light weight, our composite solutions based on carbon and glass fibers are indispensable. Whether in the automotive, aerospace, energy or industrial sectors: we, in partnership with you, find the right material for your application, develop new components, and support implementation of efficient small and large scale production.

Business Line Large Scale Solutions

BL Large Scale Solutions is focusing on high volume automotive applications. In the Product Segment “Structural Components” we are focusing especially on Battery Case Applications and GFRP Leaf Spring. Our advantage is the knowledge, experience, and capability form design & engineering to a fully automated series production.

Battery case made from CFRP for electromobility

Battery enclosures made of fiber composite materials help to make the mobility of tomorrow even more efficient – with low weight, high safety, functional integration and convincing cost-effectiveness. We are the right partner and support you in all stages of development – from planning, conception and development to series production in automotive quality and high quantities.

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Photo Composite leaf spring mounted on a Volvo rear axle used in many different car models

Composite Leaf Springs offer enormous potential for weight savings with an enhanced durability behavior, due to excellent corrosion resistance. In addition, SGL Leaf Spring concepts convince with high flexibility, to allow a cost-effectively implementation of necessary product variety for various vehicle types.

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Business Line Small Series Solution

BL Small Series Solutions includes the small series production area in Ried and CFK in Meitingen. We offer all manufacturing processes from autoclave technology to RTM and wet pressing for small and medium component volumes (five-digit range p.a.). The product range extends from industrial applications to medical technology components to aerospace and automotive components in shell surface and structure. With our powerful sales and project management team, our own product and process development and “operational excellence”, BL SSS is the best partner for OEMs and TIERs in all industries we mentioned above.

SGL Carbon's lightweight components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics

For more than twenty years SGL Carbon successfully produce structure components and design components that conform to the highest customer requirements while simultaneously reducing vehicle weight.

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CFRP lightweight components for medical technology

Components based on fiber reinforced plastic offer a wealth of opportunities in various sectors of industry. Improve the properties of your application by our unique fiber reinforcement expertise in design and production of your components.

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SGL Carbon's thermoformed organo sheet with back injection molding

Shortest cycle times, lowest costs and very little use of materials. These are the keywords for our carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic components and semi-finished products.

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Business Line Friction Components

BL Friction Components develops and produces friction material solutions for various applications. Our friction materials and components can be found in the automotive powertrain - from synchronizer rings and limited slip differentials to torque converter lock-up clutches, wet brakes and wet clutches. From raw materials to components, we master all stages of the value chain.

SGL Carbon's SIGRACOMOP Carbon friction materials made from CFRP and C/C

Carbon friction materials are a common element in modern drives. Their capabilities frequently surpass conventional materials. Explore our types and options that we can provide for your application.

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