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Navigate through our global portfolio to find the right corrosion resistant pump solution for your chemical processes and configure the most suitable graphite or exotic metal pump with just a few clicks.

Tips on how to best use the product finder can be found further down the page.

How to use the product finder

The product finder offers you two options to find the type of pump best suited for your application:

  • Do you already know which properties or material of construction you need?
    In the Results column you can directly access the technical information for a specific pump family.
  • Do you need help with the selection?
    No problem, then simply select the Operating conditions and Pump features in the left-hand column to start a structured selection process. Use the dynamic chart, the drop-down menus, the slider bars and the text fields available. Finally, click Generate pump selection to display the possible alternatives in the Results section on the right.

By clicking on the corresponding pictures, you can access the details of each suitable design. Please note that even if you do not fill in all fields, you will be shown a pre-selection of pump alternatives.

We ask for your understanding that when using the product finder, loading times may be somewhat longer because larger amounts of data are processed in the background.

You can contact us directly at any time - or if no pump type fits your inquiry. Please use the Send detailed request button at the top of the page: our experts will be happy to assist you and design the best solution for you.

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