SIGRAFINE® Fine-Grain Graphite
Product Finder

With just a few clicks you can pre-select the SIGRAFINE® fine-grain graphite that best suits your application in the semiconductor, photovoltaic or metal industry.
Tips on how to best use the product finder can be found further down the page.

How to use the product finder

  • In the Process Main Settings, select the industry, process and material relevant to your application.
  • The result in the right window is an overview of the suitable SIGRAFINE components for your application.
  • You can further refine the result by specifying the Process Details.
  • By clicking on the product images, you will be shown the proposed SIGRAFINE fine-grain graphite grades, application recommendations and data sheets with the technical data.
  • If you would like to contact our experts directly with your selection, click on the Send detailed request button.
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