Our Business Unit Carbon Fibers

We have more than 40 years of experience with carbon fibers and composite materials. Our own carbon fiber, produced in Europe and North America, forms the basis for all processing stages of composite applications. From precursor via carbon fibers to textile and pre-impregnated materials – benefit from our diverse processing technologies and comprehensive production, material and application know-how.

50k carbon fiber spools

Our SIGRAFIL® carbon fibers are the ideal basis for high-performance textiles, pre-impregnated products, and composite components. With application-specific adaptations, we offer individual solutions for various requirements and processes.

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SGL Carbon's SIGRAFIL short carbon fibers

Our SIGRAFIL® short carbon fibers are based on our high-quality continuous carbon fibers tows from our own production. They are characterized by the same high quality, manufacturing consistency and defined properties. Our short fibers in chopped and milled form are used primarily as reinforcing and filling materials and for a wide variety of mixing processes.

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SGL Carbon's PANOX fiber portfolio

PANOX® is an internationally recognized industry standard for non-flamable and heat resistant technical fibers. Our oxidized PAN fibers are extremely versatile and can be easily used in a wide range of different textile processes to produce high performing, economic, flame proof and insulating fabrics.

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Acrylic fibers

Our acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber most similar in characteristics to wool. The fibers can be manufactured into a wide variety of final products, e.g. for apparel, home furnishings, and industrial applications. The end products can be produced with 100% acrylic fibers or blended with other fibers (natural or synthetic).

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Woven fabrics, non-crimp fabrics, stacks and non-wovens made from carbon, glass and aramid fibers

Our SIGRATEX® textile materials make composites extremely light, stiff, and strong. They have good drapability, are easy to process, and are compatible with different resin systems. Our portfolio includes a broad spectrum of non-crimp textiles, woven fabrics, woven tapes, and non-wovens. We can supply customer-tailored variants for specific requirements.

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SGL Carbon's SIGRAPREG carbon fiber prepreg

We offer the full range of textile reinforcement materials made from high-quality carbon, glass and aramid fibers impregnated with different resin systems – from prepregs based on woven fabrics, non-crimp textiles, and non-woven fabrics to adhesive films and TowPregs. Our SIGRAPREG® pre-impregnated materials are ideally suited to produce stiff, strong and ultra-light fiber composites, which are often required for lightweight parts, high-tech applications and highly stressed components.

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