SIGRAPREG® Pre-Impre­gnated Materials

SGL Carbon's SIGRAPREG carbon fiber prepreg

We supply the whole range of textile reinforcing materials produced from carbon, glass, and aramid fibers and impregnated with high-quality resin systems. Our extensive portfolio includes prepregs made from woven fabrics, non-crimp fabrics, non-wovens as well as TowPregs and adhesive films. These SIGRAPREG pre-impregnated materials are ideally suitable for the production of stiff, strong, ultra-lightweight fiber composites as are often required for lightweight parts, high-tech applications, and components subject to extreme stress.

High-quality resin systems developed in-house

The resin systems for our SIGRAPREG pre-impregnated materials are formulated in-house. Our range comprises a wide variety of resin systems with different glass transition temperatures, curing temperatures and times, viscosity, tack, and storage stability.

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