People & Insights

People & Insights

Diverse people. Diverse jobs. Diverse stories.

What does everyday working life at SGL look like? What fascinates our employees about our corporate culture? What internal career and development opportunities do we offer? And why are our employees proud to be part of SGL? Check out our Expert Insights.

Josef Schildhammer, Technical Specialist

Josef Schildhammer, Technical Specialist in BU CS at our site in Ort im Innkreis (Austria), is particularly enthusiastic about four aspects of his work at SGL. Curious to find out what they are? Watch his #ExpertInsights video!

Kaitlin Stock, Project Manager

There are two things Kaitlin Stock, Project Manager at SGL in Strongsville, values most about her job. Curious what they are? Watch her video and find out what career advice Kaitlin has for you.

Christian Weidinger, Representative Director Japan

“I don’t only like working for SGL - Indeed, I love working for SGL”. Great words from Christian Weidinger from our office in Tokyo. Watch his video to find out his reasons and how the native Austrian found his way to Asia.

Matthias Vervuert, Controller

Stay true to yourself and choose the jobs you feel comfortable with! That's the career advice from Matthias Vervuert, Production Controller at our Bonn site.
Watch his video and understand why controlling is much more than monitoring numbers for him. The passion for his job also pays off for his professional development - after two years with SGL, the local area expands to include a global area of responsibility.

Emma Campbell, Maintenance Administrator

As a working parent, Emma Campbell solves different kinds of challenges in everyday life - not just in her role as Maintenance Administrator at our Muir of Ord site in Scotland, but also in being a mum and balancing work and family. Watch her video and understand why work-life balance is so important to her and why she is happy with the way we as a company have handled this important topic so far.

Lukas Weis, Local HR Manager

"Being close to the employees!” For Lukas Weis that's the most important thing about his role as local HR Manager in Wackersdorf. In his video he gives insights into our Wackersdorf site and what makes it so special for him working at SGL.

Mariana Rodrigues, Head of Global Customer Service

“Solution-oriented, agile, cooperative!”. That’s how Mariana Rodrigues defines SGL Carbon. Although she hasn’t been with us at our Bonn site for long, she’s already fascinated by our team spirit and customer-centric mindset. Why else did Mariana join our Global Customer Service Team? Check out her video!

Gerard Sanchez, Product Manager

Get to know Gerard Sanchez, Product Manager Extruded Material & Strategy in Charlotte, and find out what his role at SGL is, how it has changed over the years and what you can expect when joining our company!

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