Product Finder Pre-Impregnated Materials

We offer you an extensive selection of reinforcement materials impregnated with high-quality resin systems, that we formulate ourselves in-house. The various combination options of different fiber types, textiles, resin systems etc. form a broad product range with suitable materials for almost every application.

Use our product finder to quickly and easily find the optimal product for your material and process requirements. Adjust the filter settings that meet your requirements and you will immediately get a comprehensive overview of the most suitable products on the right side. Below, you will find tips for using the product finder.

Our technical sales team will be happy to assist you with the product selection via our product finder and introduce you to the selected materials. Start the selection - your solution is just a few clicks away.

How to use the product finder

  • On the left side, select the material and resin properties that are relevant to you.
  • Under Column configuration you can customize the presentation of the product suggestions.
  • The category Information you would like to add allows you to enter further individual requirements and information. This entry does not directly affect the displayed product suggestions but can be helpful for choosing the right solution for you.
  • You can find an explanation of our product nomenclature under the information sign behind Product in the results overview.
  • If no suitable product suggestions are displayed, you can contact us directly using the Get in contact button. Your selection criteria will be included in an email and can be adjusted and expanded.
  • If you want to contact our experts directly with your selection, click the Send inquiry button when you are finished.
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