PANOX® Oxidi­zed PAN Fi­bers

SGL Carbon's PANOX fiber portfolio

PANOX is an oxidized polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber which does not burn, melt, soften or drip. As an internationally recognized industry standard for non-flammable textile fibers, PANOX can be used in many different fields as an effective protection against fire and heat. The LOI value of PANOX, at >45 %, is considerably higher than that of other fibres and corresponds to combustion class S-a according to DIN 66083.

The optimum fibers for textile processes

Our oxidized PAN fibers are extremely versatile and can be easily used in a wide range of different textile processes to produce high performing, economic, flame proof and insulating fabrics. We supply PANOX as continuous tow, crimped and non-crimped staple, and milled fiber with different fiber diameters, lengths, densities, and sizings.

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