Fire Resistance Redefined with Graphite and Carbon Fibers

In firefighting, the military, police, racing and in the steel industry, heat and flame resistant protective clothing is indispensable. In addition, heat-resistant fibers are also used in the manufacture of technical fabrics and nonwovens for the interiors of public buildings.

For these tasks, SGL Carbon offers PANOX® textile fibers, which are characterized by their exceptionally high temperature resistance and moisture absorption capacity. In protective suits, they reduce the exposure of the wearer to fire and heat, as well as the suit weight, while increasing their freedom of movement. As interior equipment for rooms, in aircraft seats or also for seats for rail vehicles, PANOX® delays the ignition or melting of foam cushions and the release of toxic gases, so that time is gained to escape from the building. PANOX® can also be used in mixtures with other fibers, which increases its wear and tear resistance.

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