Graphite Casting Molds for the Refractory Industry

SIGRAFINE carbon mold

In addition to thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, our graphites also offer high impact strength, wear resistance, and mechanical strength as well as excellent corrosion resistance. Moreover, they feature low wettability and adhesion in contact with molten materials. Material properties like these make our graphite quick and easy to machine. Optimum design for molds and ovens in the glass industry.

We supply a broad range of extruded and vibration-molded specialty graphites for sheets and molds used in the production of melt-cast zirconium oxide refractory bricks. Even casting molds with complex geometries can be produced from our materials without problems. And our finished refractory bricks are of top quality – free of contaminants or surface imperfections. In addition, the casting molds produced from extruded and vibration-molded graphites can be reused several times, thanks to optimized oxidation properties.

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