Union Carbide, Karbate and Vicarb

DIABON graphite blocks for shell and tube heat exchangers.

SGL CARBON Technic, LLC is part of SGL Carbon. The Strongsville facility formerly operated under the Union Carbide, Karbate and Vicarb brand names.

Since 1939, our Ohio Operations have produced impervious graphite exchangers and pumps for customers throughout the world. In 1996 Strongsville joined the SGL Group. We produce DIABON® (also known as Karbate) impervious graphite through a proprietary impregnation process that yields the world's most reliable graphite equipment.

The strength of DIABON / Karbate graphite process equipment lies in its corrosion resistance against acids, alkalis, and aggressive media. DIABON / Karbate impervious graphite and POLYFLURON® PTFE lined equipment can be used for many different processes in the chemical, fertilizer, steel, mining, environmental and fine/pharmaceutical industries. Our expertise in the field of graphite production, customer processes and engineering design yields equipment and systems from which you, the customer, benefit.

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