SGL Carbon product finder supports selection of optimum graphite sealing material

SIGRAFLEX unreinforced and reinforced graphite sheets

SGL Carbon's SIGRAFLEX® non-reinforced, reinforced, and impregnated graphite sheets for static sealing applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

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  • New product finder "Flexible Graphite" finds optimum solutions for the respective customer requirements
  • Identification of the best SIGRAFLEX® graphite gasket material for a specific application

With the help of SGL Carbon’s new product finder "Flexible Graphite", users can quickly select exactly the sealing product that best suits their application requirements - from the range of SIGRAFLEX graphite gasket sheets available. The product finder is accessible free of charge on the company's website and guides the user to the optimum sealing material - online, easily and accurately.

In the chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in refineries and power plants, the gasket materials used play a crucial role in ensuring safety of humans and environment, system availability and service life as well as process efficiency and product quality. These factors can be positively influenced by using high-quality SIGRAFLEX products from SGL Carbon made from expanded natural graphite.

For the best performance of the gasket, it is important to select the optimum sealing material for a specific application. With the help of the various filter settings to select the operating conditions, the product finder "Flexible Graphite" guides the user to the best suitable sealing sheet for the application: No matter whether the system has for example to meet the requirements of the "Technical Instructions for Air Quality Control (TA Luft)” and must therefore be particularly tight, whether the gasket has to have particularly low halogen and sulfur content or a particularly high level of compressibility to avoid the formation of gaps in the joint, or if it must be highly temperature resistant, suitable for highly corrosive media or FDA compliant.

The broad portfolio of graphite sheets from SGL Carbon allows to find suitable SIGRAFLEX materials for the special requirements of every system.

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