SGL Carbon successfully experimented large size SIGRACELL® bipolar plate materials for various applications

SGL Carbon's SIGRACELL Bipolar Plates

SGL Carbon's SIGRACELL Bipolar Plates

At a glance

  • SIGRACELL TF6 and PV15 bipolar plates are now available in dimension 60” x 60” (1,524 mm x 1,524 mm) with same performance parameters as smaller size plates
  • Allow for building larger electrochemistry cells

SGL Carbon has developed and successfully tested full size (60” x 60”) TF6 and PV15 bipolar plates (BPP) made of a graphite/fluoropolymer composite material. The performance of the new large size plates is in line with their smaller size versions showing good electrical conductivity, high chemical resistance, and light weight. Also, the thicknesses for the large BPP are kept constant at 0.0235 in (0.6 mm).

These new larger size SIGRACELL BPP help enabling many different applications in various industries including flow battery, wastewater treatment system manufacturing, and other electrochemistry applications. Furthermore, they give the opportunity to build larger electrochemistry cells and increase product efficiency.

SGL Carbon develops special materials and products for energy storage in close cooperation with customers and is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty graphites and graphite components for different kinds of batteries like lithium-ion, redox-flow and lead-acid batteries. The continuous improvement of the materials for SIGRACELL battery felts, bipolar plates and endplates has significantly enhanced the performance and service life of electrochemical products.

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