SGL Carbon to Supply Key Graphite Components for Wolfspeed Silicon Carbide Production Facilities

  • Both companies enter into long-term offtake agreement
  • SGL Carbon expands capacities to support Wolfspeed’s growth in Silicon Carbide high-performance applications

Based on their established and long-lasting business relationship SGL Carbon and Wolfspeed announced that they have entered into a supply agreement. SGL Carbon will supply graphite components to Wolfspeed, the global leader in Silicon Carbide technology, for its U.S production, as the company ramps its capacity to meet steepening demand for Silicon Carbide technology and devices. SGL Carbon will provide materials for Wolfspeed’s recently opened Mohawk Valley Fab, the world’s first and currently largest 200mm Silicon Carbide wafer fab, as well the company’s John Palmour Manufacturing Center for Silicon Carbide, the world’s largest materials manufacturing facility which is currently under construction in Siler City, North Carolina.

“We see SGL Carbon as a strong partner in graphite solutions that are needed for the expanding Silicon Carbide semiconductor demand. SGL Carbon’s position in the market, their deep technical understanding, and comprehensive product portfolio are invaluable for the commercial ramp of the industry,” said Jeff Ferraro, Senior Vice President of Global Procurement and Planning at Wolfspeed.

Silicon Carbide demand is increasing worldwide because of its superior performance, allowing for more efficient power conversion, lighter and more compact designs, and overall system-design cost savings. In the Silicon Carbide semiconductor production process, graphite components are essential ingredients. From the synthesis of the Silicon Carbide powder to the finished wafer, SGL Carbon offers customized solutions made of isostatic graphite and carbon composites, as well as insulation materials.

"Silicon Carbide power semiconductors are more efficient and powerful, thus enabling, for example, higher bottom-line ranges in electric vehicles," said Burkhard Straube, Head of the Business Unit Graphite Solutions at SGL Carbon. "It is a key technology for the future of e-mobility and also for 5G communication, stationary energy storage, and wind turbines. We are proud to make a substantial contribution with our graphite components and solutions, and honored to be a selected partner of Wolfspeed in supporting their growth plans."

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