SGL Group and LSW employees donate blood

The blood donation truck of the BRK in front of the doors of SGL Group in Meitingen

The blood donation truck of the BRK at SGL Group in Meitingen

SGL Group and Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH once again held their joint blood drive in Meitingen this year. On September 20 2016, the mobile blood bank from the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) parked in front of the gates of the two companies and all employees were invited to support the Red Cross by donating blood. A total of around 100 colleagues took part in the drive – twice the number from last year.

Blood donations from both employees and other volunteers represent an important contribution to saving the lives of accident victims and people with critical illnesses. Furthermore, participants were automatically entered into a raffle with incentive prizes including tickets to football matches, cinema tickets and other goodies.

As a pioneer of this longstanding tradition in the Augsburg region, SGL Group and LSW have also been able to inspire other companies to support the work of the BRK with their own blood drives.

Dr. Markus Partik, manager of SGL Group's site in Meitingen: “As a company, it is our pleasure to support the German Red Cross with this joint blood drive. Every donation helps save lives. So we’re proud of all our employees who took part in the event.”

“I’m delighted we were able to increase donor turnout so much over last year and to show that our employees are committed and ready to help out,” said Simon Zeilberger, Commercial CEO at Lech-Stahlwerke GmbH.

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