SGL Group receives major HCl recovery plant order in China

At a glance:

  • Order value in the mid-single digit million-euro range
  • Recovery of HCl gas at high pressure out of HCl acid

End of last year, SGL Group received another order for a recovery system for recycling and reusing hydrogen chloride (HCI) from a leading producer of isocyanate in China. The system was developed by SGL Group for the specific requirements of the customer and will support significantly an economic and environmental friendly production process in the MDI/TDI production. MDI (Methylenediphenyl diisocyanate) and TDI (toluene-2,4-diisocyanate) are starting materials that are mostly used for the production of polyurethane.

“Our HCl recovery systems are a key solution for environmental friendly recycling and usage of waste HCl acids in the chemical industry, especially in China with increasing environmental focus,” states Klaus Baldermann, General Manager of SGL Carbon Graphite Technic Co. Ltd. in China. “Flexibility and speed by our strong local engineering and production set-up in Shanghai, combined with German high technology expertise are key success factors to fulfill Chinese customer requirements. We are proud that our global leading partner has chosen SGL as the best supplier on market for HCl recovery systems.”

SGL Group´s advanced system technology applies state of the art process design including a very efficient heat recovery to minimize energy usage. The overall system consists of columns, heat exchangers and piping, fitting made of the proven high-quality materials DIABON® graphite and POLYFLURON® PTFE.

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