Carbon Campus

Technology is driving change and progress, and as a technology company, we are making a significant contribution to this. Together with our customers and partners, we are working on solutions to key questions of our time: How will we move around evolve? How can we efficiently and sustainably generate and store energy? How will 3D printing change industrial manufacturing? And how will we live in the future?

Around 200 scientists, developers, and experts are exploring exactly these questions on the CARBON CAMPUS in Meitingen.

Interdisciplinary teams are working on projects in the fields of lightweight construction, energy storage, modelling, and 3D printing. The CARBON CAMPUS team is working with renowned national and international research institutes to challenge the status quo and to take bold new approaches in order to co-create pioneering and sustainable solutions – for our customers and for a smarter world.

The CARBON CAMPUS is one of the world’s leading centers in the development of carbon-based solutions for sectors which are likely to shape our future. It provides impetus and innovations for a wide range of industries.

Lightweight & Application Center

We bundle in our Lightweight and Application Center (LAC) our entire competence around the composite value chain, from fiber to the finished component. We support our customers in the development, from the initial idea to the serial solution. Together with Fraunhofer IGCV, we operate the Fiber Placement Center and offer customers the possibility to develop production concepts and demonstrate their feasibility by prototyping.

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Battery Application Laboratory

Whether an electric car, smartphone or laptop: lithium-ion batteries are usually what supplies us with power. In order to get the maximum performance out of every battery, SGL Carbon researches how all the components interact—and offers high-quality and precisely customized graphite anode materials for every field of application.

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Additive Manufacturing

Freedom of design, ultra-complex geometries and accelerated development processes characterize 3D printing. It is a resource efficient process because the parts can be produced near net shape. We are one of the world's first manufacturers with expertise in highly complex 3D printing using carbon and silicon carbide.

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Central Laboratory

We ensure in our central laboratory, that our solutions and materials meet the highest quality standards. The laboratory has analysis and investigation methods of all relevant disciplines of material characterization in the areas of chemical and physical analysis as well as in metrology.

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