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New challenges require new approaches—what is true in normal times is even more true in crises. We’ve retooled thinc in these unconventional times, with digital research via many video interviews and a digital rollout. Enjoy reading it!

At the beginning of the year, when we were planning the new issue of thinc, the corona pandemic was still a long way off. At first, newspapers reported briefly about a mysterious lung disease in Wuhan, China. Yet nobody could foresee the consequences of the disease. Six months later, the virus has turned the world on its head.

Rethinking things is suddenly the order of the day. What was considered certain until recently is straight away no longer valid. Existing approaches have now been questioned from one day to the next. Individuals, companies and entire societies have had to readjust their approaches within a few short weeks.

In this new issue of thinc we’re analyzing some of the most important change processes. We look at the new normal in the areas of electromobility, logistics and purchasing. We venture a look at the future of work. We consider the pandemic’s impact on important megatrends. And we give the floor to our employees, who with their drive, innovative spirit and inspiration have ensured that we can view the crisis for what it is despite all the disruptions: an opportunity.

Why These Megatrends Will Become Even More Prevalent After Corona

Megatrends such as digitization, automation and sustainability have passed the corona pandemic’s test by fire and have thereby gained even greater momentum. Here’s what lies ahead for business and society.


“Our integrated approach was extremely helpful”

Smooth logistics processes and supply chains are essential for globally operating companies. Both areas were faced with completely new challenges due to the corona pandemic. In an interview, three of the specialists responsible at SGL Carbon talk about how they dealt with the challenges and why the situation has prompted them to rethink their approach in some areas.


6 New Work Trends

The term “New Work” has been shaping the discussion about the future of work for some time. Now the corona pandemic has subjected many ideas to unplanned tests. We present six trends that are here to stay.


A lot has been learned

Virtual training sessions, digital work environments, safe management of the pandemic: employees at SGL Carbon have had to improvise during the corona crisis and come up with new approaches. Five of them tell us what they have learned and explore the long-term effects of the crisis.


Why Lightweight Construction and Electromobility Belong Together

The automotive industry is undergoing massive changes at the moment. While the global production of vehicles with combustion engines is stagnating, market studies predict that the share of electric vehicles will triple by the year 2025. Lightweight design with fiber composites enables greater range and provides construction additional benefits that are of particular importance for electromobility.


Supply Chain Management: “The future is digital”

Sabine Hannaske started working for SGL Carbon as an SAP expert—and today manages the efficient utilization of some of SGL’s facilities as a team leader in Supply Change Management. Find out why the corona pandemic is making her think outside the box—and why her unusual career path is helping her in this process.


Why Silicon-Carbide Semiconductors Have a Bright Future

They are small, powerful and extremely efficient: semiconductors made of silicon carbide could help take the power electronics in batteries and sensors to the next level—making a significant contribution towards the electromobility breakthrough and supporting digitization in the industrial sector. An overview of the advantages.


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