SIGRAFLEX® Liners, Diffusion Barriers, Insulation and Heating Elements

SIGRAFLEX Flexible graphite foils and sheets for semiconductor and LED industry

SIGRAFLEX products made from expanded natural graphite are predestined to be used for semiconductor crystal growing at high temperatures in aggressive environments – in particular due to their softness and flexibility, inertness, impermeability, their excellent high-temperature and corrosion resistance as well as outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity.

To protect insulation and other graphite furnace components made e.g. from SIGRATHERM® soft or rigid felt from outgassing of production parts and to avoid undesired convection, SIGRAFLEX flexible graphite can be used as gastight protective liners and diffusion barriers: Building of deposits and dendrites and corrosion or oxidization of the graphite furnace parts are thus prevented and their service lives significantly extended.

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