SIGRAFLEX® PAN Graphite Yarns

SIGRAFLEX PAN Graphite Yarns

SGL Carbon’s SIGRAFLEX PAN graphite yarns are not only of high purity (carbon content ≥ 99%), but also extremely oxidation and media resistant and temperature stable.

In addition, they show a low friction coefficient. When specially coated, they also meet the latest Shell specification MESC SPE 85/204 for graphite.

High-performing graphite yarns for braided packings

We offer SIGRAFLEX yarns made of different base materials depending on your requirements. In addition, we have a wide variety of options in the manufacture of our graphite PAN packing yarns and can optimally design the yarn’s final properties: Type of precursor material (continuous or stretch broken), number of plies and filaments, twisting, coating, and weight.

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