SGL Carbon and large aerospace customer expand business for High Performance Insulation thrust reverser engine cowling blankets

  • 2018 business comprises 350 Fabricated Insulation thrust reverser blankets
  • “Project on-time delivery has been 100 percent”

SGL Carbon and a large American customer from the aerospace industry have expanded their business for the thrust reverser engine cowling blankets. The airline decided to refurbish their thrust reverser insulation for a complete model series, now they are being replaced by SGL Carbon’s High Performance Insulation blankets. The contract comprises 350 blankets and will be completed by November 2018. SGL Carbon has been honored with the contract because of the ability to deliver higher quantities with superior quality in the shortest timeframe. The parts are manufactured in SGL Carbon’s facility in Arkadelphia (USA, Arkansas).

Dr. Andreas Erber, Head of the segment Aerospace at SGL Carbon: “I’m very proud of our Arkadelphia team and the achievements in close partnership with our customer. In a very short time we managed to deliver the increased rates by working out plans for manpower, materials, equipment and product flow to support incremental capacity increase. Since the inception of the project on-time delivery has been 100 percent.”

The Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for High Performance Insulation blankets was achieved in 2009. SGL Carbon produces at its Arkadelphia site high performance insulation components for the aerospace and defense industry. Based on a profound material and process knowledge SGL serves the entire aerospace market with smart insulation solutions.

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