SIGRAFINE® Die-Molded Carbon and Graphite

SIGRAFINE Die-Molded Components for Mechanical Applications

What is die-molded carbon and graphite?

The material class of die-molded carbon and graphite contains amorphous carbon as well as graphite and the so-called carbon graphite, a composite material containing both hard carbon and graphite. The materials have a fine to ultrafine granulation and can also show a high anisotropy due to the axial forming process. Extremely wide property profiles result from this large material variety with regard to mechanical strength, friction, and conductivity.

Materials were designed for example to match specific tribological or electrical properties. These can be even further enhanced by impregnation with resins, phosphates, or metals. In contrast to the other synthetic graphite shaping processes the die-molding technology also allows for applying the pressed to size technology (PTS). This near net shape pressing is highly efficient and is of considerable advantage since complex parts can be produced in high volumes, cost efficient, and with minimum material input.

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