Anniversary year for SIGRAFLEX

SIGRAFLEX is our product brand for flexible graphite for use as a versatile and reliable sealing material for the chemical industry and many other sectors as well as high-temperature applications. Flexible graphite is produced from high-purity natural graphite, which is mixed with a highly oxidizing acid to produce a graphite intercalation compound and then thermally treated and compressed to graphite foil.

In 1972, the official opening of the first graphite foil line took place in Meitingen and the brand was registered with the German Patent Office by one of SGL Carbon's predecessor companies, SIGRI Elektrographit GmbH. An overview of the most important milestones of the product brand can be found for the anniversary year on our website at: 50 years of SIGRAFLEX® 

"To date, we are established and valued as a quality leader in our industry with our solutions and the SIGRAFLEX brands stands worldwide for safety and reliability. With the two production sites in Meitingen, Germany, and Valencia/CA, USA, we ensure security of supply for our customers around the world," explains Olympia Riehl, Head of the Product Segment Expanded Graphite at SGL Carbon.

In addition, many innovations characterize the long history of the product segment. Now and again the SIGRAFLEX team has set benchmarks with new products for high-end graphite sealing solutions – from SIGRAFLEX UNIVERSAL to SIGRAFLEX HOCHDRUCK, followed by SIGRAFLEX MF® and SIGRAFLEX APX2® up to the TA Luft compliant PRO variants and our SIGRAFLEX APX2 yarn.

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