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Achieving goals more easily – with our fiber-reinforced materials and components

Carbon and glass fiber-reinforced plastics are high-performance materials with unique properties. They are used where other materials reach their limits and are indispensable for many industries today. For example, for lightweight components of the highest strength and rigidity.

SGL Carbon has more than 40 years of experience in carbon fibers and composite materials covering the entire value chain – from precursor, carbon fibers, textiles, and pre-impregnated materials to finished components made from fiber-reinforced plastics. Our carbon fiber, manufactured in our own plants in Europe and North America, forms the basis for all processing stages of composite applications. With our variety of processing technologies and comprehensive expertise in production, materials and applications, we are able to offer our customers tailor-made solutions for their needs, whether in the automotive and aerospace industries, the energy sector, or in numerous industrial applications.

In our Lightweight and Application Center (LAC), we are working with our customers to develop lightweight solutions – from concept development to production readiness and manufacturing.

Our work in the automotive industry – now and in the future

Cars with components made of fiber-reinforced materials weigh less and thus emit less CO2. As a long-standing partner of the automotive industry, we supply innovative materials and tailor-made composite structures for special needs. The material systems and production technologies we use are designed in a manner that all components can be produced on a large scale. Our product portfolio ranges from carbon fibers and materials to structural components, body parts, as well as drive train, and chassis components.

New benchmarks and standards in aerospace


Aerospace materials and components must be able to perform reliably and securely while under extreme levels of stress. As well as being immensely strong and rigid, they must meet extremely rigorous fire safety standards. Lightweight materials also help to reduce kerosene consumption – a prerequisite for economic and sustainable aviation. Carbon fiber-reinforced components fulfill all of these requirements. Whether it’s for primary or secondary structures, subsystems, or interior fittings – we offer the right solution.


Individual application solutions for different industry branches

Our materials and fiber-reinforced components are essential in high-tech industrial applications requiring high mechanical properties but low weight. Whether in medical technology, robotics and automation, mechanical engineering, sport, or marine applications – our expertise in production, material and application know-how is as extensive as the requirements of the markets themselves. Together we can find the right material for your needs, develop new components, and guarantee efficient production for both high and low volumes.

High-performance materials for a fast-moving energy sector


The use of renewables in the energy sector has steadily grown and has now become established alongside the more conventional energy sources. In particular, carbon fiber-reinforced high-performance materials are helping to meet the increasing cost pressure and efficiency requirements.

As a global supplier, we produce fiber products in all processing stages. Thanks to our expertise and many years of experience we can guarantee the highest product quality. Therefore, our carbon fiber composites can also be used in many areas of the energy sector, such as for renewable energy generation, extraction of conventional energy sources, or for transporting and storing energy.


Solutions along the entire value chain

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