SIGRAFLEX® Unreinforced and Reinforced Graphite Gasket Sheets made from Flexible Graphite

SIGRAFLEX unreinforced and reinforced graphite sheets

The portfolio of SIGRAFLEX graphite sheets made from flexible graphite provides a variety of solutions to all needs. We offer gasket sheets for flat gaskets in different variants e.g. unreinforced or reinforced, with or without impregnation, with adhesives or binders as well as adhesive-free. SIGRAFLEX graphite gasket sheets are manufactured exclusively at our two sites in Germany and the US.

Improved safety

Our reinforced SIGRAFLEX graphite gasket sheets made from flexible graphite are highly corrosion resistant. This considerably reduces the maintenance costs of equipment and extends its service life. Above all, the use of premium SIGRAFLEX materials significantly enhances gasket safety for employees and the environment – a high priority when operating equipment.

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