Plastics and Additives

Plastics have become an integral part of our world today. In almost every area of ​​our daily lives we meet them – be it in the textile and furniture industry, in the construction or automotive sector or even in aviation. The production of these plastics is usually a multi-step process. Here, SGL Carbon’s products and solutions play an important role in different stages of the value chain, whether in dealing with corrosive media in the production of primary and intermediate products, or by the addition of additives, e.g. Graphite powder or chopped and milled carbon fibers in order to influence the properties of plastics in a targeted manner.

The manufacturing usually takes place in production plants with high throughput, which requires continuous processes with high volume and mass flows. Here, SGL Carbon offers tailor-made solutions from a single source, for example columns, reactors or heat exchangers, that are custom designed from engineering to process optimization.

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